A year's consumption free - after only 4 years!

Are you sure that you have done everything to get your heating running economically with maximum personal comfort?

We spent 16 years measuring and testing to produce these curves for you!

Normalized consumption drops by more than 60% only after adjustment while optimizing.

High efficient solar collectors with these gains are necessary in our latitude.
You can use this website to achieve the 30...40% economies promised by the manufacturers on your own - it's really possible! This website tells you about options for saving (and therefore making money) which you haven't thought about yet.

Looking for some general advice?

You are interested in long-term economies?

You would like an expert consultation and then forget the problem?

  • On our other website we do not offer tips,
    we provide solutions and
  • fault-finding, planning, consultation ...
Looking for technical details nobody dared tell you?
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