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Low-noise and economic technology in buildings is not so esoteric as people want to make you believe. Understanding about it is also not so difficult. Unlike other websites, this one explains the background information. What you don't understand you can find out by emailing me.
      "All" you have to do is make sure that all conditions for installing components into your existing system are met. This will ensure that everything works long-term at optimum efficiency to the satusfaction of all users. (Assuming that their wishes have been taken into consideration).
      Have a look into our heating-system - nearly live !

..about the technological aspects
of heating, air-conditioning and hot water

To stop corrosion before it starts you don't need to have read and understood the standard DIN 50900. All you need is to think about a few essential points...
Those interested in technical details will find here basic information about heating and comfort, costs and consumption.
Heating water by solar energy
Even in cloudy old Germany you can save up to 60% of the energy you are using for hot water - or so the story goes. Is it true?
Ventilation and air-conditioning
Ventilation is necessary, but non-working air-conditioning systems will make you ill: draughts, polluted air, headaches...

..about the technical terms

Technical terms
Technical terms in heating and air-conditioning like "Degree-days" or "Normalizing" are explained here. (If you don't find what you are looking for, send a mail.)

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