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17:15 3.11.2005, Donnerstag Translation of losses finished.
16:24 2.7.2005, Samstag Translation of the Technical terms finished.
15:10 29.5.2003, Donnerstag We installed new graphs with explanatins coming from operating data of 2002 and 2003.
22:05 4.2.2003, Tuesday For your overview, we added a sitemap.
15:45 9.8.2002, Freitag
Go Google Thanks to Google: we were able to install a comfortable search function within this site!
21:22 13.9.2001, Thursday Like many other people you are thinking about buying heating oil? Us too! That's why we are looking daily at oil prices!
18:26 28.1.2001, Sunday We have been able to achieve more than 29'000 hits per month on our website.
22:16 12.4.2000, Wednesday Is it really possible to achieve a long-term saving of 28.5% in fuel consumption with a 15-year-old boiler? Yes, it is!
Look at our tables.
15:32 17.8.1999, Thursday Klick for figures showing current graphical data of our optimized heating system!
(...still in German, but a picture says a thousand words.)
19:10 29.11.1998, Sunday Liquid gas consumers
..filling up your tank is now cheaper - and you are not tied down to a contract.

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