Here you see what servicing the boiler achieves.

Graphs servicing a boiler
The graphs show the 2-minute mean values from the 3 data points over 3 hours.
TABGAS ---   Off-gas temperature of the boiler, measured at the off-gas exit point
TKESSEL ---   Temperature of the water in the boiler at the standard location
LBRENNER ---   Signalisation that the boiler is in operation
Important:   Cleaning the boiler cuts the off-gas temperature by about 40░C.

Servicing the boiler always enhances efficiency by cutting off-gas temperature.

The blue curve for off-gas temperature shows you what the level signifies:
  1. Curve: before cleaning - peak temperature tops 220░C
  2. Curve: after cleaning with a brush - peak temperature cut to 190░C
  3. Curve: after chemical cleaning ( Fauch 400 ) - peak temperature cut to 180░C

This page is dedicated with great respect to
the Swiss engineer Lothar Brenner, who rightly pointed out:
'Service is the key to the boiler┤s efficiency'
- we can confirm this.


Still more background information

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  3. How do you analyse the figures shown for consumption ?
  4. Technical terms explained.

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