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  1. What's on this page?
  2. Measure and treasure!
  3. What's the point of a data log?


1. What's on this page?

Our all-application data loggers are good for long-term capture of measurement data. The loggers we provide will run 24 hours a day, and you can use your local PC for viewing and analyzing the data you have captured.
      Whatever cable your data are coming down, our systems are able to capture the signals. The logger pre-processes and saves the ongoing data stream generated by permanently running processes. Access to the data saved is possible anytime via a local PC or modem anywhere. The data is archived on the hard disk of your PC. All that's left to do is the analysis...
We rent the data loggers.

2. Measure and treasure!

What do you really do with the numbers you have collected?
Perhaps you file them away into a folder or database on your PC.
      Analysis and data management can be done on your PC with Hydro-Soft's log book, specially designed for data versus time and able to take account of down times of connected data pick-off points.

3. What's the point of a data log?

You don't see the point? - No problem! - We have compiled a number of examples of analyses of data versus time used throughout our websites. The examples are displayed in a new window, because they are so big. The shown reports are in German, because the data log used is configured in german. You are free to configure the reports in a language of your choice.
  1. Day reports - Heating
  2. Month reports - Heating: Page 2(2)
  3. Year reports - Heating: Page 2(3)

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